Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guitar Preamplifier Circuit Using IC TL071

Here is the circuit of a electric guitar preamplifier based on IC TL071.The pickup device has a transducer on one end and a jack on the other end. The jack can be plugged into a preamplifier circuit and then to a power amplifier system.

The mechanical vibrations from low frequency bass to a certain extent of high frequency is picked up by a guitar or violin pickup device and converts them into an electrical signal, which can then be amplified by an audio amplifier. This circuit diagram of guitar pre amplifier has two output options - one to a power amplifier and other one could fed to a headphone.

Circuit Diagram of TL071 Guitar Preamplifier : Right Click >> View Image to view full size

Circuit Working

This preamp circuit is a a single-transistor common-emitter amplifier with degenerative feedback in the emitter and a boot-strapped bias divider to pick secure optimal input impedance. The maximum output voltage is 2V RMS.Master-level-control potmeter VR1 should be adjusted for minimal distortion.

  • Remember to enclose the circuit within a metallic case.
  • To prevent hum, ground the case and the pot enclosures.
  • Use a well regulated 9V Dc power supply.

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