Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain Sound Generator Using NE555

The circuit diagram shows a timer 555 based rain sound generator. The circuit requires a 9V dc power supply and can be fed from a 9V battery.  The loud speaker for producing sound is of 0.5W 8ohm speaker.The circuit will readily generate a rain like sound whenever the circuit fed by a 9V supply.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Motion Sensor For Security Light Using PIR BS1600

Here's the circuit diagram based on PIR motion sensor module BS1600 (or BS1700) that can be used for security lighting in power saving mode.(If you could not found  one in your local store ,  buy PIR motion sensor online).The special advantage of this motion detector circuit is it doesn't need any transformers in power supply section. The 12V DC required for feeding the motion sensor and driving relay is derived directly from the mains supply.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 Segment Digital Clock Circuit Using IC 5314

This circuit diagram of digital clock uses six common anode seven segment displays  to show the time. It needs neither micro controllers or PIC for it's operation. It's a MM5314 IC driven digital clock operating at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and 12 or 24 hour display format.It's very suitable for college mini projects.
Circuit Diagram of  7 Segment Digital Clock : Click  to enlarge

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 5 Automatic Light Circuits

Here's the list of top circuit diagrams of lighting circuits such as automatic emergency light, night light etc published on circuit sector

1. Automatic Night Lamp Circuit
This is a night lamp that turns on automatically when there is darkness in the room. Circuit is simple in design and uses very basic priciple of LDR.

2. LED Based Automatic Emergency Light
The white LED based low cost emergency light circuit diagram. six hours of battery back up - uses cheap components

3. Automatic Low Cost Night Lamp
Another redesign of automatic night lamp that reduces overall cost to build the circuit-perfect for hobbyists.

4. 20W Low cost Emergency Light
Simple emergency light circuit consist of 2 transistors, a transformer, 20 Watt fluorescent tube, 6V battery and some resistors and pots.

5. Fully Automatic Emergency Night Light
Rare circuit diagram that combines night light circuit with automatic emergency activation and
 overcharge protection.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wireless Switch Circuit

The circuit diagram shown here is a very sensitive wireless relay switch that can be used to control the working of home appliances like flush system, hand dryer or else. The wireless switch described here needs no remote control for its working. You only want to move your hand between the infrared LED and photo transistor to control the device or load.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini UPS System Circuit

Here's the circuit diagram of a mini low power UPS system which provides uninterrupted power supply to operate dc powered instruments of voltage rating 12V, 9V and 5V up to 1A current. The takes the load from mains without any spikes or considerable delay. The circuit involves the over charge and deep discharge of the battery for long life.

Mini UPS circuit working

Circuit Diagram of Mini UPS System : Click  to enlarge

The UPS system consist of a 12-012 standard stepdown transformer rectified by diodes D1 & D2 and filtered by C1.When the mains power is on, diode D3 gets forward biased to charge the battery. Resistor R1 limits the charging current. LED1 indicates full charge level of 12V. When the mains supply fails, diode D4 is forward biased totake up the load without any delay. R3, ZD1 and T2 form the deep discharge cutoff circuit. For the partially charged battery, only 9V and 5V are available. Further sections of the circuit are self explanatory.

Note : 
  • Assemble the circuit on a general purpose PCB
  • Heat sinks for transistor T2 and regulator ICs (7809 and 7805) to dissipate heat are used
  • The battery used in the circuit is a 12V, 4.5Ah UPS battery

If you have any doubts, please write in the comments section.

Four Stage FM Transmitter Circuit

Here's the circuit diagram of a four RF stage FM transmitter. The stages are, very high frequency (VHF) oscillator built around a HF transistor BF494, a pre- amplifier built around transistor BF200, a driver transistor 2N2219 and a power amplifier using 2N3866.
Circuit Diagram of  4 Stage FM Transmitter: Click  to enlarge

For complete explanation about this FM transmitter circuit, Download this document.

Note :

  • This FM transmitter is only meant for educational purposes. The outdoor use is illegal.
  • Assemble the circuit on a general purpose PCB and arrange the antenna without any disruption for getting the maximum range.
  • Use a heat sink for transistor 3866.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fully Automatic Emergency Night Light

There are already published diagrams for automatic emergency lights but this fully automatic led base emergency light has the following special advantages.

1. Fully automatic - The name suggests its character. The emergency light charging is fully controlled and you don't have to worry about over charging of battery.

2. The emergency night light - This circuit is designed to glow leds where there no light in the room and only when there is no mains supply available. If one of them are available, the leds will not glow and the power is saved. This is achieved by using LDR and a PNP transistor.So we can plug the emergency lamp on the mains socket overnight without the fear of overcharging or waste of energy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

TOP PCB Design Rules For Beginners

A printed circuit board popularly known as PCB is the first thing you would require when you decide to build an electronic circuit. A proper PCB design ensure that various circuit components are interconnected as per the circuit diagrams once they have been placed on the PCB in their proper positions  and subsequently soldered. Simple circuits can sometimes assembles without PCB. However your collage project work may a little bit complicated and you will surely need to design and etch the pcb of your own circuit. This post will share some basic pcb layout design rules that you need to know before proceeding.


Layout design is the first step of the PCB design and it is a rough design of the artwork which contains some proper information for preparing pcb artwork. For the preparation of layout, the pcb designer should have the following information.

  1. Physical size of each component
  2. Pin configuration details of components (Transistor, IC etc)
  3. Design rule for particular application (Analog or Digital)
  4. Preferable size of PCB
  5. Termination of connection


Depending upon the accuracy of the designed circuit board required, layout should be produced at 1:1, 2:1 or 4:1 scale. The 4:1 scale is used only when high precision is required. 2:1 scale is commonly used. After completing the layout, it should be reduced to 1:1 scale photographically.


  1. Prepare component layout first as viewing from the component side.
  2. Layout should be prepared in the direction of signal flow as far as possible
  3. Among the electronic components, larger ones are placed first and the space in between them is filled with smaller components like resistors, small transistors, diodes.
  4. Components that require input-output connection are placed near the connectors or pcb edge.
  5. All components are placed in the printed circuit board in such a manner that desoldering of the other components is necessary if they have to be replaced.
  6. The electronic circuit can be sub-divided into functional subunits and each subunit is realized on a defenite position of the board.
  7. While preparing the layout, it is a common practice to draw conductor lines only on graph sheet.
  8. Spacing between the components must be uniform and it must be checked when the conductor passes between pcb pads.
  9. For critical signal parts, optimum precaution have to be taken such as minimum conductor length guard lines and clear separation of input and output lines etc.
  10. Components producing considerable heat have to be identified on the circuit diagram so as to avoid concentrated heat on the circuit board.
  11. To identify the conductor lines on layout for double sided PCB's, pencils of different colour's can be used. Another possibility is to draw all of them with an ordinary pencil, but to draw interrupted lines for conductors on one of the side.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Increase TDA2030 Amplifier Gain

TDA 2030 is a widely used 14W audio power amplifier monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt [ package, intended for use as a low frequency class AB amplifier. However some home theater prototype came with
TDA2030 design has a problem of low volume. There are two ways to increase the speaker volume that uses TDA 2030A design. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Simple Music Bell Circuit Diagram

Here is a circuit which can be assembled easily with very few components. This DIY music bell can be used as door bell, cycle bell , car reverse horn and it only requires 3V battery. The core of this circuit is a 3 terminal IC chip which can produce music when properly biased. This IC may looks like a transistor but cant drive a loudspeaker by itself.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Calling Bell Circuit

Apart from the normal musical calling bell circuits, this special electronic calling bell has been created to identify the sound even if there is noisy atmosphere. This bell circuit is not a typical Ding-Dong bell but has the capability of producing different sound that is very useful in noisy surroundings. By pressing a far away switch can trigger this circuit to work as a bell.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Send Data Through Your Body

It's interesting to hear that we can use our body to send Emails if your internet connection is unavailable, right? I read this in a magazine first that  this has already been tested in Korea University, Seoul. They transmitted data through human arm at a speed of 10 Mbps while testing. This has been done by placing two electrodes 1 feet apart on his skin.While searching more about this, i understood that the electrodes that used to research is a thin silicon material that has a capability of bending 90 degree angle 700,000 times. yes, they can send electromagnetic waves by means of wireless transmission through our body.

Simple Telephone Timer Circuit

Telephones are reaching its death point all over the world. however there is more than 350 million mobile phone users in india, but there are tremendous number of telephone users are there also. Well, this telephone timer is designed to help saving by controlling unnecessary time taken during pone calls. This simple timer circuit is better in its accuracy because it is manually put on by the user when the call connects at the other end.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Subwoofer Protection Circuit

The home audio amplifiers such as subwoofer amplifier in our home audio system is usually powerful. The output of these amplifiers usually connected to a large power loudspeaker such as subwoofer. When we activates the power to the amplifier, the loudspeaker works with annoying "TTAP" sound and this will damage your loudspeaker. So this circuit keep the situation clear when you power up your home theater. It allows the sound to fade in to the speaker by activating a relay.

Design and Test Stripboard Projects Using LochMaster

Loch master is yet another tool from ABACOM, the software provider who gave Sprint-Layout, sPlan, Sprint Layout, Frontdesigner, Profilab and many other tools for design and simulation of electronic circuits. Lochmaster is basically a developers tool for strip board projects. The latest version available for download is Lochmaster 3.0

What makes this unique?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Battery Powered Soldering Iron

As we know, traditional soldering irons uses mains ac supply to get heated but this will be annoying when we want to use it in the absence of mains supply. Here is a simple inexpensive circuit which we can call it as a inverter for normal soldering iron (25W, 30W, 35W). The circuit can drive the soldering iron in the absence of power supply from mains. This cold soldering iron circuit uses eight transistors and few resistors and capacitors. The battery should be a 12 Volt 7Ah.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Data Acquisition Systems- Checklist

This post will give you a basic idea of Data Acquisition system and the daq modules that used for acquiring data, processing data, converting, transmitting and etc.
Data acquisition (DAQ) is the most important task for a system that involves the processing of signals. Collecting the correct data and analyzing it correctly is critical as its  application fall under many complex applications in health-care, automation, control systems and more. DAQ systems need to acquire data to test a system, then analyze it and give feedback signal to the system.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Temperature Controller For PC

Our computer may often heated up due to long use or the hot climate, temperature controllers are necessary.  You need to do a temperature measurement to ensure that the computer is work within the allowed range. To reduce pc temperature, here is circuit diagram of a simple temperature controller for your personal computer (PC) based on a temperature sensor LM35 and a comparator CA3140. The circuit turns off the PC when the temperature of the computer increases beyond a particular, optimum temperature value. This avoids overheating of some integrated chips (IC) that may not be able to dissipate heat fast enough.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Identify Failed Capacitor on Circuit Boards

This post will give a little bit of idea, how to identify a leaked / Bad capacitor that soldered on a circuit board by visual inspection. This might help you in checking capacitor problems on motherboards and other circuit boards.

The most common method of identifying a failed electrolytic capacitor is by visual inspection. Because we cant desolder all the capacitors and test it using multimeter right? So the below symptoms may be expected to inspect on the electrolytic capacitors within the board.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ultracapacitors Vs Batteries

This post will explain the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary lead-acid battery and the new age Ultracapacitors.

Most of our vehicles are fitted with lead-acid battery to meet intermittent loads to driver such as horn, turn indicators, brake light etc. The battery life is about two years if maintained properly. After the it's life is over we have to replace it by the same one usually costly one. If not, the driver may have compromise the safty features.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Design And Simulate Circuits Using Proteus

In this post I will tell you about a software that provides you the advanced circuit design and simulation core for your home use or in professional field. Yes, I am telling about the wonderful Proteus software. Proteus is a by product of  labcenter electronics which contains two sub software's in it.

1. ISIS Schematic Capture

This software is for design and simulation of mainly digital circuits. The normal schematic designing using computer can often be the most time consuming element of the exercise. The Proteus ISIS is created for professionals by the following advantages.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

20W Low cost Emergency Light

Here is simple circuit of a simple emergency light that can be constructed without much pain. The components of this circuit are 2 transistors, a transformer, 20 Watt fluorescent tube, 6V battery and some resistors and pots. the transformer of this emergency lamp doing a job of stepping up the voltage induced at its primary coil. But we use a 12-0-12 center tapped transformer for this purpose and the usual primary is used as secondary.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Digital Electronics and Circuits Free Ebook Download

Here is a Digital electronics Ebook in PDF format that available for free download. The book has been written by Tony Kuphaldt and covers almost all important topics of digital electronics and computing principles. I believe that this book will make you happy

Topics included in this Ebook:

  • Numbers and symbols used in Digital
  • Different Numeration Systems
  • Decimal versus binary numeration
  • Octal and hexadecimal numeration
  • Octal and hexadecimal to decimal conversion
  • Conversion from decimal numeration

Water Tank Controller Circuit

Here is an automatic water tank controller that controls the operation of a water pump through a 12V 10amp relay. When ever the water level of the tank short circuits the points A and B in the circuit diagram, the pump get turned off automatically. This home water pump controller circuit is comparably simple and low cost and can be assembled easily on a common PCB.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Voltage Transfer Circuit

This circuit uses to supply small voltages to LEDs or other low power devices in the situation when we cant connect the power supply directly to it. Ideally this uses the theory of voltage transfer using an oscillator and a toroidal transformer.

Convert Single Power Supply into Dual

We already know that the circuits using opamp will only work on dual power supply. What is actually a dual power supply? For example, usual 12V Dc means that it contains supply wires of 0 and 12V. But in the case of a dual supply, it contains 3 wires 0,-12,+12. When we check the potential difference between the +12 and -12 wires using a multimeter, it may display you about 24V dc. In normal cases, a dual power supply system consist of a center tap transformer, positive voltage regulator and a negative regulator etc. But here this circuit avoids such things from the system and uses a single LM380 IC. We get dual supply at the output whenever we give a DC voltage to it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Water Level Indicator With 7-Segment Display

Circuits available for indicating water level is usually consist of LEDs to indicate the liquid level. But this circuit uses a 7-segment LED display instead of normal LED's for numeric display of water level.Moreover, a buzzer is used to alert you of water overflowing from the tank. The circuit shows the water level by displaying L, H and F for low, half and full, respectively. You can use this circuit for water tank motor control or a stand alone circuit.

Design and Create Stripboard Using Verodes

As all you know, stripboard is used to make permanent soldered small circuits that usually contains less than two integrated circuits. It is very easy to connect components and solder it to make the project flexible using veroboard. It avoids designing and etching of  printed circuit board s by simply tracking and short circuiting the right tracks to create a simple circuit but a reliable one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simple Audio Amplifier Circuit Using LM386

Here is a simple low power audio amplifier circuit that can produce a power output of 1W. This mono amplifier circuit is build on LM386 IC which works great on low voltages even below 9V. This low voltage amplifier is useful to amplify weak sound signals from your soundcard to amplify it to give to the headphones  or high power amplifiers for maximum sound effect.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

17 General DataSheets Free PDF Download

This download package contains nothing but some general component datasheets that we may use occasionally. Most of this components are part of the circuits published on Circuitsector. I will often publish this kind of posts and please  up  to date with your datasheet Collections from here.

Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Circuit

Every technician uses soldering iron in different power rates such as 10W, 20W, 25W, 30W etc. It is very difficult to change the soldering iron each time with specific uses. Here is a solution to this problem by assembling a simple temperature controlled soldering iron circuit which enables you to use your soldering iron in variable power rates from 10w to 35W.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Long Range IR Transmitter Circuit

Most of the infrared remotes work on the range below 5 meters. The complexity of the circuit increases when we have to transmit the IR to longer ranges say 10 meters. So you need to multiply the transmitted power into usually four times. This IR transmitter circuit will give you pretty long range.

Touch Plate Circuit With High Sensitivity

Here is a high sensitive touch plate circuit using NE555 which turns on a buzzer when anyone touches the metal plate or by hovering his hand over the plate. From the previously published touch control switch circuit, this circuit has an advantage of high sensitivity that it can detect an input voltage as low as 1 micro volt. This circuit is attachable to various designs such as touch plate lightning or motor control with necessary alterations.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hard Disk Temperature Controller

Many of us have had a problem of over heating computer hard disk while in long use. Here is a temperature controller circuit that switch on a DC fan to reduce temperature of your hard disk drive when it increases abnormally. The metal plate sown in the circuit should be screwed tightly with your hard disk to work it as a temperature sensor. When the temperature on hard disk increases than a preset level, the relay is activated and the fan connected to it will be start running to reduce the temperature.

Strobe Light Circuit with Timing

Here is a strobe light circuit which has an option to set the flashing rate. Unlike other circuits here we use a Flash tube that usually use in flash cameras. In ordinary cameras, the flash may be work only after ten or twenty seconds. But in this circuit we can adjust flashing time by adjusting the potentiometer provided in the circuit.

Automatic Light Controller Using 7806 And LDR

This circuit controls the switching of the street light or porch light and it will be automated. This circuit of automatic lamp controller using 7806 regulator ic can be used to automate street lights, tube lights or any other house electrical lightning systems. the IC 7806 is a voltage regulator ic that give a steady output voltage against widely fluctuating dc input voltage.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

USB Types And Pin Diagrams

We may usually  noted that some USB cable ports from motherboard have different pin outs. Connecting unsuitable cables to these types might cause  short circuit the PC power supply. So here is the pin assignment of each type, USB2, USB3 & USB4 as headers. These headers are used to connect auxiliary devices to the main board. The headers are directional and will only allow USB cables to be connected in one direction. Checkout the Image below

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Video Amplifier Circuit for Camera

There are occasions when you want to view your video clips taken in your digital camera on your TV. You can do so by interfacing the camera video output to video input of your TV. But this times you cant connect directly as it needs some amplification before the signal reaches from camera to television.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

35 Tips to Design a Reliable PCB

Printed circuit boards are essential to professionally design any electronic system. It is often happens that a circuit which functions well over a breadboard may not work properly when implemented on a PCB. This leads to complexity over circuit and system engineers need to be spend at least 2-3 days to rectify the problems. 

Infrared Burglar Alarm Using Remote control

There are so many circuits available for infrared Burglar alarm but transmitter  section of these burglar alarm circuits are complicated and you may have assemble it yourself. But here is burglar alarm circuit that uses the ordinary DVD remote as the transmitter. So not only the cost also the man power will be saved.  You only need to press and hold any switch of the remote control to allow flow of IR signals to outside. This can be done by grafting any key of the remote using insulation tape. This house alarm is very useful and doesn't require much components.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pin Details of SD, miniSD & micro SD Cards

Secure Digital (SD) Cards are digital removable flash memory cards commonly used in cell phones, digital camera , hand held GPS devices and portable media players an so on. There are three types of SD cards available depending on its size.

Remote Control Tester Circuit

Here is an infrared remote control tester circuit that can be made without spenting much money.This IR tester build around an infrared reciever module TSOP1738. We can observe the remote control state by listening to the buzzer sound. The circuit is very sensitive and it support a range of about 5 meters. 

Automatic Low Cost Night Lamp

The circuit of automatic night lamp published early is little bit costly. But this circuit of automatic  night lamp is perfect for hobbyists that it is uses very cheap components. It can be used as a bedroom light or a porch light. This night  lamp circuit can connect directly to 230 V ac and surprisingly it doesn't use any eliminators or transformers so the cost will be further reduced.

Firecracker Igniter Using 555

Firecrackers are usually ignited by using a matchstick or candle. But this method has high risk factor so you have to run away after igniting the firework. The circuit described here allow you to ignite the fireworks from a safe distance using a an infrared remote control of your TV or DVD.

Car Wiper Control Using 555

In rainy seasons, it is very annoying that wiper of your car wiping instantly all the time. Have you ever think of speed control of the wiper?.There are wiper control modules available on the market but most of them are costly. So here is an automatic wiper control circuit which enables you to control your wiper sweep rates from 1 second to 10 second.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

USB Power Booster Circuit

Most of the peripherals that interface with PC uses USB port . The computers power supply circuit of SMPS will be designed to maintain constant power to all computer parts only. however we connect external peripherals to PC that requires significantly large power, USB power shortage will occur  result in a instability of PC.when too many devices are connected simultaneously, there is a possibility of power shortage. Therefore an external  usb power amplifier or source has to be added to power the external devices.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Water Activated Sensor Alarm Using 555

Here is a circuit diagram of water activated sensor alarm using 555 IC.We may use this circuit for the following applications:
  •  Water leakage detection from water tank and can be used as a water leak alarm
  •  To detect presence of rain outside the room
  •  Do detect the presence of moisture or water molecules on a substance
  •  Used as detector of water in water overflow alarm

Simple Transistor Tester Circuit

Most of us needs to test electronic components while in work bench. What should you do if your multimeter s battery become weak? Here is a simple circuit to test transistors, diodes and other components. The circuit is very simple and you only need to connect the two leads of the testing components.

Door Bell Circuit Using BEL 188

Here is a low cost one touch door bell circuit using Bel 188 transistor. I think this may be the most cheap bell circuit that can be made. The core of this circuit is a output transformer of push-pull amplifier that often used in transistor radios and a Bel 188 PNP transistor.

Sound Level Meter Circuit Using LM3915

How ever nowadays trend is using digital audio equilisers, here is an audio level meter circuit using LM3915 sound level IC. This IC works great on even low voltages up to 3V to as high as 20 volts. This Audio indicator circuit is designed to give an input of 1v (p-p) and a maximum input voltage of 1.4 V.

Touch Control Switch Using 555

Here is the circuit diagram of an automatic touch plate controller using NE555 IC. The circuit turns on a relay when anyone touches the input metal plate for a short period of time. After then it switch off the relay or controlled device automatically. This circuit can be connected to calling bells, Buzzers, small toys etc.

Battery Charge Level Indicator Circuit

Battery charge indicators are essential for maintaining the battery at a constant charge level. The over charging and undercharging of battery will shorten its life. So here is a simple battery level indicator circuit using Two LED's.

LED Based Automatic Emergency Light

Here is a white LED based low cost emergency light that offers high brightness, automatic activation, automatic charging with the use of cheap components. The circuit is very simple in construction and we can use the emergency light up to  6++ hours on battery feed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Automatic School Bell Circuit

Here is automatic school  bell electronic circuit that works on the basis of the following criteria

Consider that a school has a total of eight periods with a lunch break after the fourth period. Each period is 45 minutes long, while the duration of the lunch break is 30 minutes. The bell will be ringed to start the class, end of each period, extension at lunch break etc.

Photo Timer Circuit Using 555

Here is a circuit that is become useful for photo studio owners. This 555 timer circuit switch on and off a light (exposure lamp) in a specific time. Basically this is a timer circuit however we connect a relay to the output. The relay used here is a 12V dc relay and operating current is less than 200mA.

Automatic Night Lamp Circuit

It is very convenient to light a lamp in our absense in the eving when it gets dark. This automatic night lamp circuit can be used to light staircase light, porch light etc automatically using domestic powersupply. It is very in expensive in construction and we dont have to employ or depend anybody to put on the lights when we are out of station. We can connect a CFL in place of filament lamp by making necessary alterations to the circuit.

12V Low Cost Car Battery Charger Circuit

Nowadays it has become necessary to own a car battery charger at home. By keeping one at home, we can avoid car starting trouble due to battery complaints. Buying one battery charger will cost you huge amounts while the components used in the car battery charger schematic is cheap. This charger circuit is designed for 12V car batteries, however we can tweak this circuit for a 24V charger.

Digital Controlled Precision Amplifier Circuit

Here is a circuit of a precision amplifier with digital control can be useful for signal conditioning  of low output transducers in milli volt range.The  resistors R3 to R6 can be selected by the user and can be anywhere from 1 kilo-ohm to 1 meg-ohm to select the appropriate gain of the precision amplifier. C1 reduce ripples in the voltage and Z1 and Z2 limits input voltage to +- 4.7V

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Low Cost Metal Detector Circuit

Metal detectors are usually very complicated and it may be consist of very costly components and metal detector DIY circuits are rare. However this metal detector hobby circuit can be constructed by only a few components such as BC548 and an ordinary AM radio that we usually use.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Musical Car Reverse Horn Circuit

Want to make some stuff that fits your car or motor cycle? Then here is a simple musical horn circuit that can be connected to the 12V battery of any car or motorcycle. This circuit commonly used as reverse musical horn. Here we use a commercially very low cost musical IC UM66. But this Ic can only handle supply voltage below 4V. So we used a 7805 regulator ic for adjusting the voltage to 5V and its further reduced to 3.8 volt by connecting two diodes D1 and D2 then it will supplied to musical horn producer UM66.

Burglar Alarm System With High Sensitivity

Most standard light sensors that used in ordinary burglar alarm systems requires precise alignment of light beam to deactivate the alarm system during standby mode. However this circuit of burglar alarm is so sensitive that it will detect a moving person at a distance of few meters in pure daylight or under electric lighting.It requires virtually no set up, and may be simply placed within the line-of-sight of almost any light source including ambient daylight or high end fluorescent electric light. The alarm system uses a beep generated from the circuit driven through a buzzer that is high enough to detect the entry of a person inside the fence.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dark Activated Switch Using 741 and BC 109

Here is a simple but useful switch circuit that will activate a relay when light falls below a particular level. The sensitivity of the light level circuit can be adjusted by VR1 and the relay contacts that may used to drive an external light or buzzer.

Electronics and Modern Trends

I am starting my first post, this , by a giving a general awareness about electronics technology. The word electronics is derived from electron mechanics which means study of of behavior of an electron under different conditions of externally applied fields. While comparing with other technologies, electronics technology is a new kid in town. I must say this because electronics is one technology which rapidly changes its face during everyday.

Life today offers many conveniences which involves the use of electronic devices and circuits. As we see around us, electronics plays a major role in almost every part of our life.

Applications of Electronics

1. Communications and Entertainment
2. Defense Applications
3. Industrial Applications
4. Medical Sciences
5. Instrumentation.... and blablabla...the list going on

Modern Trends in Electronics From the begining of electronics (1906) till now, electronics field is growing rapidly, as i said before. The change become bombarding on the invention of transistor which changes the entire face of electronics. Within almost ten years of its discovery, the process of miniaturization of electronic equipments had gained momentum.The invention of IC chips make the growth further. The vast changes that have taken place during the last 20 years can best be understood by nothing but the reduction in size and cost of modern digital computers. A small modern mini computer is more than 100 times ssmaller in size and 1/100th of the price of a computer designed 20 years back to do similer jobs.

Well, What You can get from Here?

Circuitsector is intended to provide you  some essential knowledge and ideas of Electronics & circuits, software support, gadgets and reviews, for making implementing hobby circuits, performing house electronics,printed circuit boards and even more . I hope i can update this blog more often to make you exiting every day. Keep visiting and open your mind to write up in the commend box.

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