Sunday, February 23, 2014

Simple Laptop Audio Amplifier Circuit

When it comes to laptop sounding, most of the laptops currently in the market has very low sound output (laptops like DELL XPS is an exception). If you need more powerful sound, you need to amplify the sound output from the laptop. Here's a simple amplifier circuit making use of the SANYO LA4440 IC which is ideal for low power audio applications because it gives better sound clarity and less distortion.

Laptop audio amplifier circuit

Fortunately the circuit diagram is very simple and even a beginner can assemble and debug it. The circuit is built around the previously mentioned LA444o IC and a few components. The amplifier is a dual channel one with 6W for each channel. So a 10 W speaker would be very sufficient. Connect pins 2, 6 and ground of IC1 to the stereo jack which is to be used with the laptop.

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GED online said...

i was searching this.i have doing a project on designing this circuit and it is really help full for me :) thanks for sharing ...

Anonymous said...

Myself jerin and i’m from kerala india could you help me with a problem. i’m trying to use a sanyo LA4440 based chip amp extracted from a car stereo to power up the center and subwoofer channel from my pc. my power supply is 6v-0-6v transformer with 3a bridge rectifier module i’m using stereo headset pin to take input from the sound card and i’m giving the inputs directly to the input pins of ic .my problem is that when i connect the speakers i get loud humming but when i touch the ground of the circuit the hum dissappear can you tell me what is wrong with my setup. i think u have schematics of the IC mentioned my sound card is onboard realtek supporting 5.1 If you have been interested just click

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